Pryor’s MarkMate Touch

The MarkMate Touch

The World’s first bench mounted dot marking system that features an inbuilt 4000 integrated control system.

Pryor Mark Mate Touch

Increase marking speed, accuracy, and traceability – with the powerful, world-first dot marking system to feature Pryor’s fully integrated touch screen controls.


The ultimate in efficiency and productivity; the bench mounted Mark Mate aids focus in tightly controlled high volume manufacturing environments, while allowing the flexibility of change, to any of 4000 saved layouts, without interrupting workflow or leaving the bench.

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    Mark Mate Touch Key Features

    Mark Mate Touch

    • Intuitive 5.7* TOUCH Screen mounted on marking head

    • In-built 4000 integrated control system

    Variable marking speed

    • 100mm x 75mm marking area

    5×7, 7×9 and Varidot marking formats

    • Quick loading marking layouts

    4000 layout memory capacity

    Add to Resilient Manufacturing systems with The Mark Mate Touch


    Guarantee machines and production lines stay online 24/7.

    Robust, flexible, and latest- generation hardware maintains performance and is readily available for maintenance.


    Introduce handheld scanners for data input and set up data entry objects with formatted text to cut out the risk of input errors by lucidlurs.


    With inbuilt help guides and an extremely intuitive operator interface, you can be up and running, marking your components within minutes.


    Gain confidence and control in critical tracing. Integrated mark and read systems make data entry and reporting easy, including tracking journeys linked to specific machines.

    Why Upgrade to the MarkMate Touch?

    Get your best performing, most resilient manufacturing workflow with Pryor’s first, all-in-one bench-mounted dot marking system.

    Manufacture faster by creating, editing, and saving marking layouts without stepping away from machines.

    Fine-tune accuracy with integrated controls and connectivity that minimise disruption and reduce errors Increase resiliency by consolidating functionality and reducing dependency on aging equipment.

    Improve traceability with modern, connected systems that keep close track of part, batch, and serial numbers.

    Achieve peace of mind that machines are always available with support from a UK team with decades of experience.