Standard Circumferential Axis

The Circumferential Marking Axis rotates cylindrical components to enable marking around the circumference of the part.

Technical Data

  • Chuck diameter: 80mm (larger diameters available on request)
  • Maximum grip diameter: 76mm – Stepped jaws included (custom jaws available on request)
  • Centre line height from base: 60mm (riser blocks and angle blocks available on request)
  • Maximum weight: 10kg (dependent on inertia of mass – may drive a larger mass with supplied out rigger supports)
  • Compatible with Pryor BenchDot, Pryor Markmate (standalone controller version) and Pryor Compact Cabinet Laser

Custom options available on request:

  • Various chuck diameters
  • Various grip diameters
  • Heavy Duty options carrying heavier weights
  • Home sensor
  • Through bore extended axis
  • Pneumatic chuck
  • Tilting mechanism for marking chamfers and angles