Robotic Marking Cell

Pryor is able to offer any required configuration of robotic marking with experience in all of the following:

  • Automatically presenting components to a marking station
  • Mounting marking systems on a robot end effector to mark virtually any component in any location
  • Integration to a production line

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  • Robot moves can be programmed directly from windows interface without the need for PLC programming or robotics expertise
  • Vision systems used to automatically identify components to be marked and trigger correct robot moves and marking sequence
  • Vision systems used to automatically locate marks at offset distances from physical features
  • Marking sequence can be triggered manually, or automatically from a variety of inputs, including sensing presence of component, barcode scan, RFID tag
  • Eliminates operator error with automatic selection of mark sequence and verification of mark


Technical Data

Systems configurable with most common third party 6 axis robots, depending on required reach and maneuvers of application.

Marking system end effectors designed to suit application.