PortaDot 60-30 Touch

The PortaDot 60-30 Touch

The World’s most powerful lightweight portable dot peen marking machine.

PortDot 60-30 Touch

When the product / machine / large part… can’t come to you, you can now go to it! with the World’s first light weight fully portable, fully integrated Dot Peen marker, with on board control and TOUCH screen interface that allows you to format any mark – with the capacity to save up to 4000 different layouts.


Complete with a rechargeable battery that will last all day, in a tough workshop and travel safe case.

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    What’s in Box


    The PortaDot 60-30 Touch comes complete with a rugged carry case and a host of standard accessories to ensure you are ready for action.


    • All-in-one marking solution with touchscreen control
    • Uses Pryor’s latest embedded control system integrated into the marking head
    • All marking data backed up to internal storage with an option to export via USB
    • 50mm x 90° stylus
    • Spare 50mm x 120° stylus
    • Bosch 36V battery
    • Battery charger
    • Country specific mains charging cable
    • Robust carry case with precision cut foam inserts

    Gear up your PortaDot 60-30 Touch portable marker

    Extras available for delivery with or after you receive your PortaDot 60-30 Touch:

    Additional 36V Bosch Battery

    To eliminate downtime while charging.

    Facemask Extender

    Giving extra stability on contoured and awkward surfaces.

    Bench Style Base and Column Mount

    To create a wireless benchtop marking system. Ideal for marking small components and labels.

    Why Upgrade to the PortaDot 60-30 Touch?

    Get your best performing, most resilient manufacturing workflow with Pryor’s first, powerful lightweight portable dot peen marking machine.

    Manufacture faster by creating, editing, and saving marking layouts without stepping away from machines.

    Fine-tune accuracy with integrated controls and connectivity that minimise disruption and reduce errors Increase resiliency by consolidating functionality and reducing dependency on aging equipment.

    Improve traceability with modern, connected systems that keep close track of part, batch, and serial numbers.

    Achieve peace of mind that machines are always available with support from a UK team with decades of experience.