MarkMate Laser – Desktop Laser Marker

Introducing the MarkMate Laser, your ultimate solution for precise and efficient desktop laser marking. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, the MarkMate Laser is designed to meet the demands of a variety of marking applications with incredible accuracy and speed.

At the heart of the MarkMate Laser is a fibre laser capable of delivering crisp, permanent marks on a wide range of materials including metals, coated metals, plastics, ceramics, and more. Whether you need to engrave serial numbers, logos, barcodes, or intricate designs, the MarkMate Laser offers exceptional versatility and precision to meet your marking needs.

The MarkMate Laser is designed for ease of use and is supplied with our industry-leading Traceability software. The software has a versatile, intuitive interface that allows users to quickly set up marking parameters and adjust settings with minimal effort. Its compact, desktop design makes it ideal for space-constrained environments, while still offering ample workspace for marking various-sized parts & items.

Note: Photos show optional circ fixture fitted. this is not included in the standard model of the MarkMate Laser


Equipped with advanced safety features, including interlocks and shielding, the MarkMate Laser ensures operator safety without compromising performance. Additionally, its efficient cooling system keeps the laser running smoothly even during prolonged use, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

MarkMate Laser Technical Details

2.5m Fibre optic in protective conduit with 8mm collimator/isolator

Average diode life exceeds 50,000 hours

Frequency: 30 to 60 KHz

Maximum Part Weight = 5kg

MarkMate Laser Dimensions

Height: 623mm

Width: 456mm

Depth: 507mm

MarkMate Laser Lens Marking Area

FT100 – 60 x 60mm


Pulse Energy 0.7mJ
Average Power ~18.5W
Beam Quality M2 1.3
Polarization Random
Power Adjustment 5 – 100%
Pulse Duration @ 20KHz ~85ns
Repetition Rate 30 KHz to 60KHz
Long Term Power Stability 5%
Operating Temperature 0 to 42°C
Cooling Active Air Cooling
Fibre Optic 2.5m
Power Less Than 200W – 110 or 220 VAC
Product Warranty 1 year


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