Wireless Barcode Reader

This wireless barcode reader can easily be implemented in any line of production when paired via USB connection with our P60-30 or MarkMate Touch. Simply insert the USB pen  provided in the port on the side of the machines, and you are ready to go.



  • Ready for use when the 2.4GHz USB adapter is connected. No driver needed. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android (with OTG) and etc.
  • Accurately recognise different 1D barcodes. Capable of scanning and uploading blurry, broken or other irregular barcodes. Superior decoding ability supports application under various occasions.
  • Wireless connection distance reaches 35m, which perfectly satisfies needs for supermarkets, warehouses and other large-space working environment. Once fully charged, the battery will last 15 days with little interruption, which can greatly improve your work efficiency.
  • Internal units are consolidated with high intensity. And the major components are covered with shockproof TPU material to give the scanner 360° protection. The scanner can function normally even after falls from as high as 1.8m to concrete floor.
  • Offers more customised functions, including auto scanning, hiding characters, adding prefix/suffix, and adjusting volumes. Thoughtfully caters to your different needs.