Surgical Instrument Marking Solution


Our Surgical Instrument Marking Solution provides high quality and accurate laser marking for full traceability in your sterile supply workflow.

The solution offers permanent, non-destructive and high-quality marking of surgical instruments, improving efficiency and accountability in the sterile supply workflow by ensuring full control of your traceability.

  • Fast and accurate
  • Permanent, high contrast mark
  • Non-destructive laser and bonded marking liquid
  • Mark GS1 2D DataMatrix, alphanumeric codes and logos
  • Easy to use, pre-programmed marking layouts
  • Class I Bench Laser installed on-site

The Surgical Instrument Marking Solution provides fully integrated templates which aid in reducing the risk of human error. The intuitive interface ensures a smooth and fast marking process and reduces the need for time-consuming training, as staff at all skill levels are able to operate the machine.

The Surgical Instrument Marking Solution is sold in collaboration between Pryor and Getinge.

The new machine is based on our its predecessor but with a number of key improvements and advancements that make it one of the most capable entry level laser marking machines available today.

  • Supplied with our latest Traceability Software  and with the option to add a touchscreen controller for operating the laser and simple layout creation
  • Fully automatic vertical door is standard across the range
  • Larger internal area for marking larger parts
  • Automatic Z-axis control
  • ‘Pilot’ beam for ease of mark placement
  • Class 1 laser, manufactured in the UK at our Headquarters in Sheffield
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Improve efficiencies and confidence with high-quality marking

Our Surgical Instrument Marking Solution enables you to optimize accountability and accuracy in the sterile supply workflow by giving you complete control of your instruments.

Laser marking your instruments gives each item a unique identity for tracking and tracing purposes in the sterile supply workflow. A unique identity ensures that each item is decontaminated by the correct process and that instruments are always exactly where they are supposed to be. Avoiding instrument migration improves efficiency and reduces costs by ensuring staff do not need to spend time opening packs in search of missing items.

Simplify and standardise laser marking tasks

Marking inconsistencies across different materials can lead to errors in the sterile supply workflow. Pryor traceability software provides fully integrated templates that help reduce the risk of human errors and ensure a consistent high-quality marking. The intuitive interface supports a smooth and fast marking process and reduces the need for time-consuming training, as staff at all skill levels are able to operate the device.

Mark instruments in different sizes

Single instruments come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, especially within ophthalmology and pediatrics, where small, delicate instruments are common. Pryor’s laser technology gives you the flexibility to mark instruments of almost any size – even ultra-slim instruments.

Staff can use a simple hand-held barcode scanner to log the uniquely identified instrument in the hospitals asset management system, for complete visibility of the sterile supply workflow.

Resistant, corrosion-free laser marking

Marking is permanent, non-damaging to surgical grade stainless steel and will not affect the life of your instrument.

Our Surgical Instrument Marking Solution offers a high speed, non-contact method of producing consistently high-quality marks on instruments and materials such as polished and plated metals, carbides and ceramics. The high contrast mark is harder than stainless steel and it is permanently bonded to the instrument’s surface without any adverse effects to its substrate.

Enhance patient safety and confidence

With high-quality marking of instruments, the hospital staff are able to trace instruments every step of the way, and patients can be confident in the quality of the instruments used in their care.

Key Laser features

  • Easy-to-use software to control the marking process
  • Advanced Data Matrix marking specifically for surgical instruments
  • Precise visible beam targeting for accurate mark placement
  • Angle and arc text marking
  • Variable date input features
  • Laser setting control for instrument grade materials
  • Range of flexible marking options – either using True Type fonts, drawing/shape tools or graphics/logo in HPGL/DXF format

Included in the solution package:

1 x 20W Bench Laser

5 x 50ml GMS Marking Fluid

1 x Surgical Instrument Fixture


20W Standard

Pulse Energy


Average Power


Beam Quality M2




Power Adjustment

10 – 100%

Pulse Duration @ 20KHz


Repetition Rate

2 KHz to 200 KHz

Long Term Power Stability


Operating Temperature

0 to 42°C


Active Air Cooling

Fibre Optic



Less Than 200W – 110 or 220 VAC

Product Warranty

2 years as standard

Technical Data

Conventional or highlighted Data Matrix marking

The Surgical Instrument Marking Solution uses GS1 2D Data Matrix which provides the unique identifier that enables users to quickly and faultlessly access all relevant data on use, maintenance and manufacturer from the instrument management system.

The Surgical Instrument Marking Solution, delivers durable, high-contrast marks for best-in-class readability and enhanced Data Matrix visibility to speed up the scanning and packing processes. Two marking options are available, conventional or highlighted markings. Highlighted marks are outlined with a black square around the GS1 2D Data Matrix to improve workflow efficiencies and enhance productivity by reducing the time spent looking for the instrument code during production.

Highlighted marks greatly enhance the readability of codes on small highly curved polished items such as drills and probes. The GS1 2D Data Matrix thus improves workflow efficiencies and enhance productivity by reducing the time spent looking for the instrument code during production.

The International Global Coding Standards Organisation

GS1 is the International Global Coding Standards Organisation. GS1 has developed identification systems that enable an instrument to be traced back to its source from anywhere in the world.

GS1 is dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand across sectors globally. The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used supply chain system in the world.

Fast and easy instrument marking

The Surgical Instrument Marking Solution offers a fast and easy way of marking surgical instruments. Conventional marks are usually around 4x4mm in size and takes about 9 to 10 seconds to mark. The highlighted marks are slightly larger and takes approximately 15 to 16 seconds to mark.

The actual marking process is by far the fastest stage in the production process. However, with organising, loading and unloading items the average time per mark is about 90 seconds.

The Surgical Instrument Marking Solution laser beam does not touch the surface of the stainless steel, hence the passive layer is unaffected. This allows instruments to be returned to the wash immediately after marking without the risk of corrosion.


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